When Passion is the fueling force

                                       There is a perception among many people that Photography demands expensive equipments like excellent quality DSLR  cameras , lens, tripods, etc. But to pursue Photography as a passion one must possess the inherent love for the subject and the desire to capture a moment or an event. I strongly believe that passion is what drives an individual to be successful in whatever he is attached to and the same goes for Wedding Photography. A keen interest in the subject and the urge to keep on clicking to produce a different and an unique photograph drives a photographer to move ahead.

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A person using a point and shoot camera can end up capturing a great frame which did not catch the mind of another who was capturing with a DSLR camera. A person true to his passion of photography would never miss an opportunity to capture a moment with his lens. Expensive accessories alone can never make a great photograph,  you need to have love for photography and the interest to keep on learning and exploring. Many feel that photography is an expensive hobby to pursue but if you use a digicam and love to roam around with your camera, you can be said to be really passionate about what you are doing.  You have to be prepared to deal with the short-comings as well. Like there would be days where you not be getting the desired results but you have to possess the fire within to come out as a winner in such situations. You have to learn from your mistakes, identify the areas where you are going wrong, rectify it and come back with a new spur in your step. There has to be the hunger within to keep improving every single day you step outdoors with your lens.  Challenges would be there every day but if you are someone who likes taking up such challenges and pushing yourself, you are sure to come out as a winner in the long run.  Understanding your areas of strengths and weaknesses are extremely crutial. It would help you to choose the genre of photography where you feel you can make a mark.  Everyone has his or her comfort zones but if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, you may end up discovering a new avenue which you may have thought to be impossible to achieve. A bit of craziness or madness is required which would make you take such a step that would be questioned by many.  Changing and reinventing yourself according to the order of the day is highly needed to stay relevant in the competition. Interacting with fellow photographers help a lot in exchanging ideas and views and you get enriched.

                                Child-like enthusiasm is required to have the urge to keep on learning and adopting new skill-sets.  The passion to create something new must always push you in trying to achieve the unthinkable and creating magic with your lens.